• Orzeł Biały S.A. is a socially responsible company – it cares for the environment and supports local communities

  • The recycling of used batteries and other lead-bearing waste is carried out within a close-loop production cycle.

  • The Company strives to develop technologies which enable a full lead recovery from lead-bearing waste.


Orzeł Biały has, since the beginning of its operations, been associated with Piekary Śląskie. The company supports local communities and initiatives and has been supporting associations, sports clubs, medical facilities and schools. 

Examples of supported local initiatives and institutions include:

  • Pensioners Club at Orzeł Biały
  • Competitions and contests organised by EkoPark
  • Local sports clubs
  • Association of Engineers and Technicians - Orzeł Biały Local
  • NSZZ „Solidarność”  Orzeł Biały Inter-Works Trades Commission 
  • Śląskie Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom „Bratek” (Silesian Association for Helping Children) based at Piekary Śląskie for the purpose of organising preventive and treatment excursions for children with elevated blood lead levels
  • The Stop Lead Poisoning Preventive Scheme run by Med-Orzeł for extended diagnosis and possible treatment of children living at Piekary Śląskie
  • Municipal Hospital at Piekary Śląskie for the purchase of the Department of Geriatrics equipment
  • Children's Home No. 1 in Bytom for the purpose of a picnic organisation
  • Schools and Kindergartens at Piekary Śląskie

Orzeł Biały S.A.

NIP 626-000-31-39
REGON 270647152
KRS 0000099792 District Court in Gliwice,
10th Department Commerce of the National Court Register
Equity PLN  7,159,779.07 PLN paid in full


Telephone +48 (32) 779 65 00
Email office@orzel-bialy.com.pl
Adress ul. Harcerska 23
41-946 Piekary Śląskie