The turnover in excess of 10% of sales revenues – a significant agreement

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (“The Issuer”, “The Company”) announces that the turnover of the last 12 months, according to closed accounting periods with a Counterparty with which the Issuer is collaborating in lead-bearing waste shipments exceeded 10% of the total revenue of the Issuer’s Group of Companies for the last four fiscal quarters (third quarter 2014 to second quarter 2015).

The business relations in lead-bearing supply shipments referred hereto meet the criteria of a significant agreement.

Orders on the basis of which the shipments are made do not provide for contractual penalties. Remaining conditions of the cooperation do not differ from market standards applied to such agreements.

The public disclosure of the Contractor and of financial conditions of the cooperation in the above-mentioned area has been delayed pursuant to Art. 57 Para. 1 of the Public Offering Act.

Legal basis:

MFR SE § 5 Para. 1 Pt. 3

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