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Orzeł Biały operations are located in the heart of the Central European automotive industry. Within a few hundred kilometres from Piekary Śląskie dozens of car factories and hundreds of auto parts manufacturing plants including car batteries are located. The lead alloys produced at the Company are supplied, among others, to largest battery manufacturers. Primary smelters predominantly produce soft lead qualities 99.99 (Pb0) and 99.985 (Pb1) which are used to produce lead powders and lead oxide powders and, to a smaller extent, lead alloys. Secondary lead manufacturers (including Orzeł Biały) produce mainly soft lead categories 99.97 (Pb2), calcium alloys and antimony alloys used mainly for the production of battery plates, terminals, connectors, and other battery components.

Lead and Lead Alloys

Orzeł Biały produces both soft lead products and dozens types of calcium and antimony alloys. Since 2002, i.e. the launch of its own lead refinery, the Company has, in collaboration with the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice, developed a wide range of products. In recent years, Orzeł Biały has been gradually increasing its share in the production of high-tech alloys enriched with calcium, antimony and other metals.

Laboratory tests

We provide a high quality service, confidentiality and timeliness of commissioned test jobs. The laboratory staff boasts a long-standing experience in conducting laboratory tests. The high quality of tests performed by the laboratory is guaranteed by the implemented and documented quality system complying with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.


As a result of the mechanical processing of battery scrap all valuable components of scrap are recovered. The Company achieves a high degree of separation of metal from plastic. Plastics fraction resulting from the separation of scrap is subjected to repeated crushing and purification and then transported to the Polypropylene Department. 


The highest quality of manufactured products has always been a priority for Orzeł Biały. The confidence and trust of customers is our obligation and this is why the Company is constantly modernising its processes, operating state-of-the-art production lines, a multi-stage production process control system, and continues investing in the acquisition and implementation of cutting edge technologies.


The manufacturing activities of Orzeł Biały facilities feature what is called a closed cycle which means that any waste is processed and re-used or stored. The production of high-tech alloys takes place in several closely related stages. The first step is to obtain the raw material. Owing to the country-wide operating network collecting used batteries, Orzeł Biały has a secured access to raw material. To make greater use of the production capacity of the factory, the Company regularly imports complementary raw material volumes. 

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