Caring for the Environment

Being the market leader in the recycling of lead-acid batteries, Orzeł Biały feels especially obliged and committed to protecting the environment. The nature of the industry means that the Company’s emphasis is put on the implementation and development of projects related to the recovery and re-use of all materials arising in the process of battery scrap recycling. Each scheme is developed so as to optimise the recycling of batteries  as well as to reduce the amount of waste generated, to provide for waste re-usability, also waste coming from other waste processing companies, in particular waste containing lead compounds.

Recognising the need for constant upgrading of technological processes and care for the environment, the Company is implementing new technologies and processes that have an impact on further reducing the plant’s environmental footprint and on improving the financial condition of the Company.

The company aims to develop a recovery technology to recover useful products from waste. The production takes place in a closed loop, i.e. all waste arising from the disposal of batteries is processed and disposed of, and some waste is stored, all in accordance with administrative decisions in place from waste.

The operations of Orzeł Biały are fully in line with pan-European and national environmental programs and measures. These are best exemplified by grants and co-financing of the Company’s projects provided by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the Norwegian Financing Mechanism. The entire production cycle is carried out in accordance with the European Union quality and environmental standards.

The care for the environment has been recognised whereby the Company was granted a number of awards:

  • The “Green Laurel” 5th Edition Award for achievements in the field of ecology (2008)
  • Innovation Leader the 9th Edition Award for the use of low-temperature smelting of metallic fraction from the processing of waste batteries (2009)
  • Clean Production Certificate issued on 16 April 2014 to be reviewed by 31 December 2015
  • Diploma confirming the entry into the Polish Register of Cleaner Production and Responsible Entrepreneurship of 21 March, 2014
  • Mature in Cleaner Production Award granted to the Company for long-standing activities in the system of Voluntary Environmental Commitment on 9 June, 2014.
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