Establishing pledge on significant assets

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (“The Issuer “) announces that today, i.e. on 27.04.2015, it received the Decision by the District Court Katowice – Wschód 9th Division Commerce – Register of Pledges – on entering on 17.04.2015 a registered pledge of kPLN 68 100 on tangible assets of plant and machinery, technical equipment, accessories and instrumentation, which are p[art of a technological mega-system inclusive of the lead-acid battery scrap fragmentation and separation facility (“The Breaker”) owned by the Issuer and located at Piekary Śląskie, ul. Roździeńskiego 24.

The registered pledge has been established on the basis of the Annexe to the Multi-Product Facility Agreement with ING Bank Śląski S.A. headquartered in w Katowice dated 03.06.2013 with a limit of kPLN 45 400 the signing of which was notified by the Issuer in the Current Report No 2/2015 dated 27.03.2015. The carrying value of the assets on which the afore-mentioned security has been established amounts, according to the valuation by the certified property valuer drawn up on at 10.09.2013, to kPLN 68 836.

There are no relations between the Issuer and the persons managing and supervising the Issuer and the entity in favour of which the pledge is established.
The established pledge covers assets of value exceeding 10 % of the Issuer’s Group’s revenues and the pledge value exceeds kEUR 1 000 as converted according to the average exchange rate announced by the National Bank of Poland on the pledge establishment day.


Legal basis:
MFR SE § 5 Para. 1 Pt. 1

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