Conclusion of a loan agreement

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (hereinafter: “The Company”, “The Issuer”, „The Loaner”) hereby informs that today The Company concluded a loan agreement with Jenox Akumulatory sp. z o.o., entity related to the main shareholder of the Company (hereinafter: „The Borrower”).

The subject of this agreement is to grant The Borrower by the Loaner an interest-baring loan of 10.000.000,00 PLN (verbally: ten millions zloty) with interest rate based on WIBOR 1M rate increased by The Company margin. Interest rate is fixed on annual basis. The Company margin is based on market conditions.

The Borrower is required to repay the loan in full until 16.12.2023, with the right to repay the loan early in whole or in part.

The Issuer has obtained the approval of the Supervisory Board to conclude this transaction.

The conclusion of this loan agreement was considered to be confidential because of the unusual nature of the transaction, its value and the fact that it was granted to the related party. 


Legal Basis:

Article 17 Para. 1 MAR


Time: 4:16 PM

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