Visit of CIEP to Orzeł Biały S.A.

March 9, 2017 saw Orzeł Biały S.A. having the representatives of the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection (CIEP) and of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection PIEP) in Katowice, headed by Mr Tadeusz Sadowski, Silesian Provincial Inspector of Environmental Protection. The visit was related to the issue of an  import waste permit, and its purpose was to review installations for recycling of lead batteries.

The permission for international waste shipments is associated with restrictions, which are defined in both Polish law and EU regulations. In Poland, the supervision over waste shipment is exercised by the Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection (CIEP), whose responsibilities include issues related to waste export, import and transit. CIEP decisions are dependent on the positive opinion by the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (PIEP) which oversee the compliance with the environmental protection regulations by enterprises. Such opinions are based on the findings of periodical installation inspections.

Orzeł Biały S.A. filed an application with the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection to issue a preliminary permit. One of the elements of the procedure was for the representatives of CIEP and PIEP to review battery recycling plants on site.

During the visit, the Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. presented the development strategy of the Company which encompasses activities related to environmental protection including implementation and development of measures aimed at full recovery and management of materials arising in the recycling process as well as reduction of waste arisings, their possible re-use and processing of waste of other enterprises, in particular such containing lead compounds. The Management Board of the Company also presented plans and activities that are implemented as part of the Ecology Year Project.

During the meeting, the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection, Mr Marek Haliniak, stressed the importance of the circular economy (CE) in the field of waste management, including with respect to waste transportation from abroad. One of the important CE components is the acquisition of good quality recyclable materials, which would be then used in production processes in domestic plants.
We also encourage you to visit the website of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection:

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