Termination of the investment credit agreement for share buyback

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”, “The Issuer”) announces, in reference to the current report no 7/2017 of 23.01.2017 wherein it informed about the Company’s contracting of a significant obligation and the establishment of a pledge on its significant assets, as a result of the Investment Loan Agreement signed for the buyback of own shares,  that on 9.05.2017 the Multi-Product Agreement was terminated with ING Bank Śląski SA based in Katowice (hereinafter referred to as “The Bank”).

The investment loan granted to the Company was intended for the repurchase of its own shares. Due to the lack of subscription for the sale of the Company’s shares as a result of the Notice issued by NEF Battery Holdings S.a.r.l. on 23.01.2017, as reported by the Company in the current report no 21/2017 dated 21.04.2017, the continuation of the aforementioned Agreement became devoid of purpose.

Legal basis: Art. 17 Para. 1 MAR

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