Signing of a significant contract for the sale of lead alloys and recycling services – closing of delay

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały SA (“the Issuer”, “the Company”) with reference to a current report No. 16/2013 dated 09.07.2013 in which reported about signing the contract by the Issuer for the sale of lead alloys and recycling services by Orzeł Biały SA announces, that the Counterparty (the other party to the contract) was the company Johnson Controls GmbH, headquartered in Hannover (Germany).

The value of turnover in terms of the contract on sale of lead alloys and recycling services with this contractor within a term of the aforementioned contract (ie 01.01.2013-31.12.2013) was PLN 135,6 million net, which exceeds 10% of the total consolidated revenue of the Issuer for the last four quarters published before publication of the communication, ie 09.07.2013 (II quarter of 2012 – I quarter of 2013).

The Company pursuant to Art. 57 section 1 of the Act on Public Offering dated 29.07.2005 delayed transmission to the public information on Contractor (the other party of contract) and the estimated value of the contract with the counterparty.

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RMF § 5 section 1item 3

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