Receipt of notification of an indirect share transfer transaction of NEF Battery Holdings. S.a.r.l.

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (hereinafter: “The Company”) encloses the notification received today from the Company’s shareholder that on 13 July 2018 a transaction was done of indirect transfer of shares of NEF Battery Holdings S.a.r.l. (“The Shareholder”) between funds managed by the same entity.

The indicated transaction took place between PineBridge New Europe Partners II, L.P. (“Fund A”) as a transferor and PineBridge New Europe Partners II-A, L.P. (“Fund B”) as the transferee. The transaction has not lead to a change of the parent entity with respect to the Shareholder (i.e. NEF Battery Holdings S.a.r.l. – notifier).

Legal basis: Public Offering Act Art. 70 Cl. 1

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