Public notice of a delayed insider information about signing of a lead and lead alloys sale agreement significant to The Issuer

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (“The Issuer”, “The Company”) hereby announces that, with reference to the current report No 9/2016 dated 04.05.2016 wherein it informed about the conclusion of a significant lead and lead alloys sales contract for 1.04.2016 till 31.03.2017, the key Contractor was EH Europe GmbH based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The aggregate sales value of lead and lead alloys with the said key Contractor was estimated at PLN ca. 130 million. The actual contract value until the publication of this closing according to the accounting periods amounted to PLN 106,935,000.

The Issuer will communicate the final contract value in the interim report after the contract completion  and settlement.

The Company has in the said current reports delayed the public information of the Contractor and of the estimated value of the business with the said Contractor pursuant to Art. 57 of the Public Offering and Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to an Organised Trading System and the Public Companies Act of 29.07.2005.

The Issuer performed the delay according to the legal status operating before 3 July 2016, i.e. before the entry into force of the MAR Regulation.

In order to maintain the continuity of information and to meet legal obligations extant at the date of the decision to delay the insider information, The Issuer decided to close the delay according to the criterion operating as at the date of publication of the current report No 9/2016 dated 4.05.2016.

Legal basis: Art. 17 Para. 1 MAR, at 17:10

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