Passing of a resolution on the amendment of the Company’s Articles of Association and drafting the single consolidated text of the Company’s Articles of Association

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (“The Company”) hereby announces that on 1.12.2016, by virtue of the Orzeł Biały Extraordinary General Meeting Resolution No 4 art. 5 of the Company’s Articles of Association and by virtue of the Resolution No 5 established the single harmonised text of the Articles of Association of the Company. The contents of the amended provisions in the current and amended wording is hereby supplied by the Management Board below, with the contents of the single text being attached to this current report.

Art. 5 – new wording:

The business purpose shall be services, manufacturing and trading activities, in particular:

PKD 38.31.Z Dismantling of end-of-life products,
PKD 38.32.Z Recycling of sorted materials.
PKD 38.11.Z Collection of non-hazardous waste,
PKD 38.21.Z Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste,
PKD 46.77.Z Wholesale of waste and scrap,
PKD 46.19.Z Sales agents involved in the sale of sundry goods,
PKD 46.76.Z Wholesale of other intermediate products,
PKD 46.90.Z Non-specialised wholesale,
PKD 24.43.Z Manufacture of lead, zinc and tin,
PKD 14.19.Z Manufacture of other apparel and clothing accessories,
PKD 23.62.Z Manufacture of plaster building products,
PKD 27.33.Z Manufacture of installation devices,
PKD 27.40.Z Manufacture of electric lighting equipment,
PKD 32.91.Z Manufacture of brooms and brushes


PKD 32.99.Z Manufacturing of remaining products, otherwise unclassified,

PKD 20.16.Z Manufacture of plastics in primary forms,

PKD 22.29.Z Manufacture of other plastic products,

PKD 22.23.Z Production of plastic products for the construction industry,

PKD 22.22 Manufacture of plastic packaging,

PKD 22.21.Z Manufacture of plastic sheets, plates, tubes and sections/shapes,

PKD 96.09.Z Other service activities, otherwise unclassified,

PKD 46.72.Z Wholesale of metals and metal ores,

PKD 49.41.Z Road transport of goods,

PKD 49.42.Z Removal related services,

PKD 71.20.A Testing and analysis related to food quality,

PKD 71.20.B Other technical testing and analysis,

PKD 68.10.Z Buying and selling of real estate on its own account,

PKD 68.20.Z Rental and management of own or leased real estate,

PKD 68.32.Z Real property management on commission,

PKD 77.39.Z Rental and lease of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods, otherwise unclassified

PKD 35.30.Z Manufacture and supply of steam, hot water and air to air conditioning systems,

PKD 43.31.Z Plastering,

PKD 43.32.Z Joinery,

PKD 43.33.Z Floor tiling; wall facades and papering,

PKD 43.34.Z Painting and glazing,

PKD 43.39.Z Other building finishing jobs,

PKD 43.99.Z Other specialised construction activities, otherwise unclassified,

PKD 81.21.Z Non-specialist cleaning of buildings and industrial facilities,

PKD 81.22.Z Specialised cleaning of buildings and industrial facilities,

PKD 81.29.Z Other cleaning,

PKD 64.19.Z Other monetary intermediation,

PKD 64.92.Z Other forms of credit granting and lending,

PKD 64.20.Z Activities of financial holding companies,

PKD 64.30.Z Activities of trusts, funds and similar financial institutions,

PKD 64.99.Z Other financial service activities, otherwise unclassified, excluding insurance and pension funds,

PKD 72.11.Z Scientific research and development in biotechnology,

PKD 72.19.Z Scientific research and development in the area of other natural and technical sciences,

PKD 66.12.Z Brokerage activities related to the securities and commodities markets

PKD 66.19.Z Other financial support services excluding insurance and pension funds,

PKD 69.20.Z Accounting; tax consultancy.”


Legal basis: MFR SE §38 Para. 1 Cl. 2

Publication date and time: 1.12.2016 at 13.22

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