Correction of the consolidated report of Orzeł Biały Group for 2015

The Management Board of Orzeł Biały S.A. (The Company) announces that it corrects the tables of selected financial data set out in the ESPI form of the consolidated annual report for 2015 as published on march 21, 2015. The line “XI. Short-Term Liabilities “and the column “2015” feature:

• the amount of 47 338 which should read 47 767 in the column expressed in PLN
• the amount of 11 108 which should read 11 209 in the column expressed in Euro.

The correction falls due to the lack of recognition of Income Tax Liabilities in the amount of PLN 429 thousand (plus EUR 101 thousand) in Short-Term Liabilities for 2015.

The Management Board informs that the above-mentioned correction does not affect the content of the published report, and remaining data and information provided in the consolidated report of the Group for 2015 have not changed.
Legal basis: MFR WSE § 6 Para. 5


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